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MediWin - Web-Based Medical Office Management Software
By hosting your data on the internet, our web based MediWin software takes the burden of caring for your server off your employees' shoulders, thus freeing them to spend their time in patient care, the job that they are trained to do.  They no longer have to be server administrators and database administrators, and backup administrators, jobs that are quite complex and time consuming these days.  In effect, any office worker who can connect to the internet and do online banking, can learn to use our software and be productive in no time.

Here are some of the benefits of our web based MediWin software:
  • Your data is securely hosted on the internet
  • All access to the data is through the secure channel, the same channel that banks use for their on line banking services, and business like Amazon use for accepting your credit cards
  • The data can only be accessed from workstations that you allow to be certified by the hosting site. These workstations are usually the ones located within your office. But you can also certify a laptop or a computer that you have at home to access your data from anywhere else you might be.
  • At the end of the day, your office workers simply log out, close the browser, turn off the computers and go home, without worrying about backups and other data maintenance chores.
  • The program has a sophisticated appointment scheduler which can handle multiple doctors (and/or nurses)
  • You can search for an existing appointment by practically anything that you can remember, be it the patient's last name, first name, account number, phone number, part of phone number
  • The application, inspite of being web-based, is a multi-tasking App. You can open more than one modules, if necessary, to do your work.
  • The Transaction Entry module provides all of the patient information information. If a patient is flagged with an "Urgent" note, it is brought up for you to see when the patient is selected.
  • Claims can be sent electronically, primary and secondary.
For a closer look check out the Demo
Web Based Setup
Web Based Setup
In a web based setup your data is "hosted" on the Internet in a database management program, which is a sophisticated software application designed specifically to store and safeguard the data and dispense it when requested by your application.

The client workstations connect to the data using a broadband internet connection.  The workstations use a Browser application such as Internet Explorer or Firefox to connect to the internet and also to run the application, MediWin. Mediwin_Web has been designed to run within the browser application to provide all the required functionality.

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