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MediWin - Client Server Medical Office Management Solution
Client Server MediWin is designed to help you manage the process in your office from the time the patient calls for an appointment to the time you get paid for your services.  It streamlines this process by providing:
  • A sophisticated Appointment Scheduler
  • A Patient Registration Module where you can set the policy of which fields are mandatory and which ones are optional
  • Data entry during registration is closely monitored with immediate visual feedback notifying the user when entered data is invalid
  • Recognizing the complexities of today's medical office billing and payment procedures, the system has an elaborate mechanism for assigning the responsibility for the bill based on the insurance the patient is carrying
  • By using not just the traditional five but over 18 different categories, the program makes relatively easy to transfer the responsibility for a portion of the bill from one party to another
  • When entering transactions all of the pertinent information from a detailed breakdown of aged account balance to any authorization numbers assigned is made available
  • All charges, payments and adjustments are posted to individual charges - giving you finely tuned control over the accounts
  • Not only your insurance claims go electronically, you can receive your remittance advice electronically too. The resulting report that we create is a lot more legible than EOB's that you receive from the insurance companies.
  • Our insurance analysis report provides an in depth look at each charge filed to insurance, allowing you to see clearly which entity has discharged its obligation fully and which one still owes you money. You need this information before you can decide what needs to be done next
  • Billing can be done in weekly cycles or once a month
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Client Server
Client Server Setup
In a client/server setup the server contains all your data in a database management program, which is a sophisticated software application designed specifically to store and safeguard the data and dispense it when requested by other software applications.

The client workstations connect to the server in an ethernet network.  The workstations contain the software application, MediWin, which provides all the required functionality to work with the data on the server.

In an ethernet network, the connection between the server and the workstations must be made through a small piece of hardware which is either a switch or a router.  The choice of a router instead of a switch depends upon a certain required functionality.  In most situations the server itself can be, and usually is, programmed to handle this functionalty and the connecting hardware used is a switch.  If a router is used, the functionalty in the server is disabled.

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