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A Patient Portal For MediWin-Web, Arriving at the End of Next Summer
Electronic Medical Records, Due By Early Next Year
Medical Office Management

Managing one's medical practice has been getting more and more complicated in recent years. Physicians used to 'earn' their income by the excellence of the care they provided to their patients. Now that is not enough. Not only one has to work day and night caring for the sick, one also has to literally run after the third parties to receive compensation for the services performed.

This is where a quality office management software can help. Electronic Claims submission, Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), an ability to look at each and every charge to make sure it has been paid, and to analyze the patient accounts in terms of the responsiblity for payment of a given charge, all of these are necessities that must be in place from day one of starting a practice.

For physicians starting a new practice, there is another big issue, that of finances. Our Web-based MediWin is ideal for this because one can get started with a full fledged office management solution without having to lay out a bundle purchasing the software.  

In developing our software we have been striving to keep pace with the latest advances in technology. This is important in order to take advantage of the benefits these advances have to offer. It is with this consideration that the web-based technologies become even more compelling because it is a lot easier to keep pace with technology in this platform. Read More ...

From a Longtime Customer
A gracious unsolicited letter from one of our longtime customers, a retiring physician.

Dear Tess Folks,
.... I want you folks to know that you have been our best, without question our best, business partner in the 22 years I have been in practice. We have used your product, I believe, since 1988. Updates have been right on time, the software has worked, updates have been relevant, your prices are fair, customer support has been great, and you are just nice people. Thank you so much. You did a lot to add to my success. Best wishes in your continued support of the medical community.
From a Current Customer
My name is Brenda Cribbs and I am the owner of Mountain Medical Billing, Inc. I have been using Tess Data Systems software for over six (6) years for appointment scheduling and medical billing. Currently, I am using Medi-Win, internet based medical billing software. I cannot express how much this system has enabled my business to flourish.

Medi-Win is a fast paced, very efficient system that enables me to perform of my billing needs in a timely fashion. It provides accurate reports, electronic claims, appointment scheduling, notes and so much more. This system has enabled the physicians that I bill for to have their billing information at their finger tips, no matter what time of the day or night. The physicians have said on several occasions that they love the ability to log into their system and get the information about their patients that they need.

Most importantly, this system is backed by the friendliest, most efficient and knowledgeable staff that one could wish for. They have always been there to answer the questions that I have, or fix any problem. That is what truly makes this system incomparable. I love it!

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